SEO : The heart and soul of search marketing

what is seo

In this rapidly developing world, adaptability is the key to survival. It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent that survives, but the ones who adapt themselves faster. The world of the internet is seeing the dawn of a new era. Here, in this world of evolving social media marketing is facing a whole new set of challenges and opportunities at the same time. The internet has introduced a level playing field where small businesses can take on large ones, with simple innovative ideas.

Welcome to the intriguing world of SEO, or search engine optimization. It does simply what it say but its meaning can be a little confusing to newbies. A little backdrop is needed to introduce this amazing concept of modern advertising.

The end consumer of data is the consumer, who needs information. On the other hand are hungry businesses that want to reach out to maximize their profits. The connection between them is the Internet. Now as the internet has grown, the number of pages has also grown exponentially. Millions and millions of pages of information are added each month into the amazing world of internet. It is not really possible for one person to read all these pages for a simple piece of information.

Search-Engine-OptimizationHere’s where the concept of search engine comes in. What is a search engine? Well for starters, it’s an engine or more like a computer program, which brings you the exact information you need, from this chaotic world of the internet. Google and Yahoo are both very popularly used search engines.

One question naturally pops up then… does Google decide which page or information to show first? The search engines don’t have a monopoly on this decision. It simply puts those pages up first which have higher traffic, which has original content and most importantly which matches the keyword the person searched for. To get higher traffic you need to have information on your page that the general public likes and is relevant to their needs.

Today SEO is the hottest topic in marketing circles, simply because of its potential. Search engines are getting more and more sophisticated, to be better able to find the right page to promote. If you can create a website that provides authentic information to users, you are about to shine in this mysterious world of the internet. These have real implications on a company’s profits. It’s of no wonder, that almost all major companies have a dedicated team attributed to improving their SEO standards and online presence.

A little expertise in web designing and content writing can take your company’s page in front of millions of active online users. It will be active 24*7 and anyone; anywhere can have access to your information. This has already revolutionized the way digital marketing works. Many new ventures like affiliate marketing are already charting out success stories one after the other. A frenzied interest in SEO is natural, as it is a one stop solution for every outreach issues.